Eliminate barriers for women in the workplace

Empowering women to lead Michigan's communities

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Empowering women to lead Michigan's communities

Make gender balance a reality in local government

The 16/50 Project is motivated by data to transform awareness into forward action: women make up over 50% of Michigan’s population, but only 16% of our local government chief administrative officials.

The 16/50 Project is powered by the belief in a society where people of every gender can pursue their dreams without bias or barriers holding them back; where young leaders are catalyzed early to use their skills at a local level; where local government offices reflect the diversity of the communities they serve; and where more women run our communities in the municipal top spot.

Whether in a board room, in Congress, in the c-suite of Fortune 500 companies, or in local government, women’s influence in positions of power matters.

The 16/50 Project is empowering more women to achieve the top municipal spot – and we’re working to make gender balance a reality for local governments in Michigan.

We believe in the positive influence of women leaders for our communities. Your donation helps us get it done in three ways:

  • We run programs and engineer solutions to combat implicit bias – a major factor holding women back from the chief municipal role.
  • We equip aspiring women with tools and skills that empower them to make bold moves toward the municipal top spot through our Women’s Municipal Leadership Program.
  • We bring young women together to build the leadership pipeline of the next generation for our communities.

What we’re doing works: within eight months of the completion of our first class of the Women’s Municipal Leadership Program in 2018, five participants have gone on to lead Michigan communities. We’re putting women in leadership positions right now – and we need your help to do more.

Your gift of $16.50, $165 or even $1,650 will help power our purpose and make gender equity a reality for Michigan’s communities.

Thank you for your support!